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Everyone knows that historians never lie, right? Sure they tend to exaggerate events to tilt them more towards people’s likings, but that doesn’t mean they could completely mask the truth about what happened in our past… right?

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More Dead Than Alive

The topic for my government recently has been about the constitution the United States. Remember that? It was the document written long ago to establish the government, right? Well you may not know that the Constitution was actually written to do the opposite of what it is being used to do now. Don’t believe me? Well then the following two questions I have been given to answer may change your mind. So, let’s begin.

Question One: “What is the idea of a ‘living Constitution’? In what way could it be argued that the American Revolution was a war against a ‘living Constitution’?” Let’s begin with the first half of this assignment. What is a ‘living’ Constitution? Well when legal scholars and people like them have made the claim that our Constitution is, if understood only by the written text, a dusty old fossil. So, they claim that it should be ‘living and breathing’, which means it’s meaning should change with the times. This is absolutely false. Why you may ask? Well, to start off, the only reason legal scholars and the government itself want it to change is so the government can gain more power. They manipulate it to be what they want it to mean. Now, as for the second half, It could indeed be argued that America fought a ‘living document’. I, along with many others, would argue that Britain had a ‘living’ constitution because the British parliament had the power to change what their constitution was. In fact, it was never written, so it was much easier to do so! That is why ours was originally written, by the way.

Question two ties nicely into what I have just answered: “What is nullification?” I will continue my previous passage to answer this. So, if our Constitution was written down so  as to prevent it from being changed, then that means that whatever powers were written down are the only powers the government should have. With that being said, the states actually had the power to counteract any laws or acts of power that was deemed unconstitutional. This is called ‘state nullification’. So, not only could the constitution limit the government’s power, the states could as well. And it has been done before. In the early 1800’s, Jefferson’s embargo was set into motion to cut off foreign trade. This was almost immediately called unconstitutional by the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. And you know what? The states absolutely have the power to say that it is unconstitutional, and the power to resist enforcement of it.

It is clear that something has definitely changed since the American Revolution was won, and not in a good way. In fact, by creating a ‘living’ constitution, we are slapping the victors in the face, since they fought so hard to escape one. In my opinion, our constitution is more dead than alive. I hope you see now the wrong that has been made against our founders