In Harry Browne’s The Secret of Selling Anything, he makes it clear that most ‘how to make money’ books have the wrong idea when it comes to selling. They are filled with the whole ‘be aggressive’ concept that really does no one any good, if not, none at all. Harry’s approach is to put the prospect in a position great importance. Why does his way rely on this? Well, In his own past experiences, it has helped him to be a successful business man. It is so simple and yet, not a lot of people know this technique. His way relies on asking them what their problem is. What motivates them? Then try to solve his problem with your product’s abilities. By learning what your prospect needs, you will be able to offer a solution, which, in my opinion, is more appealing then being sold something you really don’t need. Show an interest, a genuine ‘I see you have a problem I could help you with’ interest. The basis of what he writes is that people have problems that weigh them down. By trying to seem more like you want to help him, you will make them feel more comfortable with your offer. This way, your connecting with them, and it makes selling a lot easier. Harry’s point is by making it seem like your serving him, both ends of the deal, in a way, can each get what they want hassle-free. This is how Harry’s approach relies on service.


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