We have all heard the ideas that the robots are coming to replace people and take over our jobs, and that by 2030 they’ll be doing almost all of them. But there are ways to make sure they don’t replace you. What I’m suggesting is starting businesses of our own. Sure, they can come into our factories and do the repetitive labor there. But, they aren’t replacing you.

If you start a business, you are the one in charge of the robots and you are the one saving the hundreds of dollars on employment costs. A robot can’t make the judgment calls of running a company. That’s the job of humans. Even if by 2030 they gain human like intelligence, No one’s going to replace you with one because you are in charge. This will most likely not be the case though, since Moore’s law states that there is a limit to how strong computer technology, like transistors, can become.

Starting a business and being your own boss is the only way to stay ahead of robotic replacement. You are the boss, and you make all the important calls, which no computer program could do for you. They can only do so much, like turning a thousand screws an hour. And anyway, if you start your own business, it is your choice to use robots in your company, or not.


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