Everyone has probably heard the phrase ‘going the extra mile’. There are those who understand it, some who think they understand, and others who don’t get it at all. Going the extra mile means pushing your self further than you have before. It means leading yourself to self-improvement. Because, let’s be honest, people living today are very unwilling to do this. They’d probably prefer staying where they are, doing the same old job over and over, without much improvement in performance or pay. Sadly, those are the people who later realize that that hasn’t really done much for them.

If you go the extra mile, you increase your skills to incredible standards, thereby securing your employment because you do such a good job. You eventually find it a habitual thing, finding new ways to improve the way you do things. You can even improve the way you interact with other people if you just do it. By doing this, you can learn to be productive, without wasting the irreplaceable time you have. You develop personal life skills like confidence, initiative, independence, and can even improve your mental state. Plus, it makes a way for promotion of position and an increase of pay.

All you have to do is put this kind of thought process into action. Even though it might be difficult to pick up at first, you need to persevere and follow it through. Only then can you reap the benefits that come with it. It pays to go the extra mile.


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