Assignment: What are three stories in my life that I would have to include in my autobiography?


The day had arrived. The Contest was today. I woke up with a nervous feeling in my stomach. The Reading Rainbow writing competition was not something I would have normally entered, and I was hoping I would win it. It was a long drive to the Public Broadcasting Service building. I can barely remember it, but the beige building was huge compared to my house. My parents and brothers went inside while I was still tingling with anticipation and nervousness. Following close behind, I stared down a hall flooded with hundreds of other kids with their parents. All had written, illustrated, and submitted their stories, as I had. It was up to the judges to decide who was the victor. We entered the largest room I had ever seen filled with even more competitors. A large sheet reflected the projections of six to eight year olds, of whom I was among, and their stories. The time came to walk up to the fold up tables on which the ribbons were placed. Then my parents were handed my ribbon, a blue, silky ribbon with a gold edge. They turned and pinned it to my plaid dress shirt, displaying to all that I had received second place. I was in the top three, but I wasn’t first. My parents were proud, but I wasn’t. I faked a smile all the way back to our old red van. It was the first time I truly felt disappointment.


Another story, less depressing on my part, was when we spent a month at Mexico Beach. It was hours before we arrived at the beach house but we drove all the way from Tennessee to the Florida coast.Of course, us being home schooled, education didn’t stop there. We worked there the same as we would at home, and what motivated us was some time on the beach. I’ll never forget all the things we did there. I was usually on the shore playing with the sand, discovering things I had never touched before. I would walk along the beach with my Mom, picking up shells, observing the waves, and occasionally finding creatures. On one of these walks, we brought a small crab back, whom I named Twigger. It was then that I gained an excitement for meeting new creatures of all kinds.


When we moved to our new home, I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. We spent weeks preparing for it, from minor house repairs, to disassembling furniture, to packing everything in boxes. I lived twelve of my fourteen years on earth in that first house, so it was sad to see it go. The first day of September became the first day of a new journey. We loaded up that moving van to the brim. I was sore from all the work, but we still had to unpack. Thankfully, all of our church friends came to help, and help they did. Within an hour, everything was out of the van and inside our new home. And so, as one chapter ends a new one begins, and we had no idea what was in store for us.


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