I was asked a simple little question: Is Television worth it? I started off by making calculations, like they told me to, in order to see how much it costs to maintain a TV filled life. I concluded that by age twenty, I would have paid about four thousand dollars for it. By the age of thirty it would have accumulated to around ten and a half thousand. But the most important of these calculations would be when I reach age seventy. By then, I would have spent half a million dollars on television. At first I thought, I would never spend that much on television, or would I? Even though I hardly watch television, since my parents put restrictions on it, eventually some day I will be out on my own, and I may choose to get a set and buy cable. If I ever did decide on it, I would need to watch what I watch, how much time I spend watching, and put some sort of schedule on it.

Honestly, those amounts seem a little far-fetched to me. But I then thought about the vast, yet limited resource called time. Over the years, it just might come to those amounts. And, then it crossed my mind whether or not I would have a job that could afford that much time put into that kind of entertainment. Even if I started a business of my own, that is still a good chunk of money that I would have to take from my earnings. So after considering all those different factors, I began to ask myself the question, is television really worth it? Is wasting hours a day in mindless entertainment really gonna benefit my future on this earth in any way? Is spending that money just to get lost in the world of game shows, infomercials, and cartoons worth laboring at work daily? My answer was clear. It is not.

A lot of people struggle with television more than I do right now. They just can’t miss their favorite talk show, and it’s become an addiction for them. I don’t want to get to that point in my life. I hope that none of you do either. What else could that time be used for? probably something more productive. Instead of spending time watching, you could study and improve you grades or learn to do something you always wanted to. You could even try to make money. If you have the self control to say, I should turn off the TV and find something better than this, then you have the discipline to do things you never thought you could. I congratulate people like that. See television for what it’s really worth. It is a distraction from things that you could be doing. Even if you do watch a little at the end of the day, make it something worth seeing. So make that change in your life. Just turn it off.


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