For the past couple weeks, I have been reading an autobiography by Sergei Kourdakov. A lot in his life led up to one of the most important turning events in his life. He and several other men were assigned to assault Christian Russians, also called Believers, and arrest their leaders. There were many choices he made that caused him to end up in this line of work, some more significant than others. But each decision could never have been made with out another being made first.

The long line of choices made in his life begins with his departure from his ‘adopted’ home. A women had taken him in when his parents died, and one of her sons attempted to kill him. He decided it was safer for him to leave them and live on the streets. For over two weeks he fended for himself, deciding that the only way he would eat would be to steal his food. Eventually he was found and brought into a communist teaching children’s home.

Years later he grew up in another home in far harsher conditions than the first. He learned that in order to survive in the world, you’ve got to be tough. The kids there had set up a democracy inside the preset adult monitored rules where one kid was to be leader of all the rest. He eventually decided to try to take over as ‘king’ once the preceding king left the home. He literally fought his way to the top and took his stand as ruler.

Later in his life, he chose to take up the job of carrying illegal drugs for a friend of his. He had always been partial to crime, but he was also interested in learning about communism. One day, he was headed down an alleyway with a package of drugs when he was stabbed by two men who were desperate for it. Later, he was taken to a hospital and nursed back to health from the almost fatal assault. He then realized he had two choices. Involvement in crime, or Communist education. He chose education. He eventually became one of the most dedicated men of communism, and even won awards for teaching the best youth group league several times.

After a few more years, he was old enough to attend a military academy, so he chose to join the navy. He worked hard there and eventually began teaching there because of the high standards he had set for himself. He was very influential, mainly because he believed in what he talked about, and he was well praised for it. One day, a man came into his office, saying he was part of a secret police force. He offered a high price in exchange for his services, along with several other men, in special police matters. He chose to go along with this and eventually they began the arrest of many Believers and their leaders throughout the city.


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