The question this week was, would you rather start a small business or be a minimum wage apprentice to someone? Honestly, I would actually prefer being an apprentice. Why? Because of what I could learn from them. They have a lot more experience in whatever field I would want to learn more about, and therefore, they have a lot more knowledge they can share. Eventually, I would have gathered my own experience and knowledge by having learned while on the job, technically. I would prefer taking his word for it, so to speak, so I would learn how to perform the objective task the right way and make the correct choices. Trial and error may be a good way to learn how to do something, but it also hurts when you mess up. If I didn’t start a business the right way, for whatever reason, I would probably be in a deeper hole than before I started it. That is why I could be an apprentice for someone who knows how to start one. Once I gathered the skills I need to do whatever I had been an apprentice for, repairing household electronics for example, I would be able to go out on my own a apply them in my own life and my own business career. I would also have someone to call upon for recommendations, after the apprentice ship, if I ever needed help. Also, minimum wage is better than no wage, and anyway, I would be mostly there because of interest, not good pay. Even though my motives would be more learning based, I would make sure that it would not my permanent pay. I would eventually earn money on my own, using all I had learned. Also, while doing it, I would be able to help those who were below me grow to a higher level. I have always been one to help, and that could be a great opportunity as well. If I were to be an apprentice, I would have to show him I am eager to learn what he has to teach. This would include a change in attitude, a more positive one, and following any and all advice he offers. This would not only improve my chances of learning well, it would also improve the kind of person I am a little. In order to improve, you need to have the right mind set to make it happen. There is a phrase that they said in class. Follow to lead. That, to me, is very true. By following a mentor as an apprentice, you can learn from his example. I could note the way he leads me, and then use that whenever I am to lead in the future. So not only doe being an apprentice help me learn the right way to do whatever I am interested in, it can also enhance who I am and how I act. That is why I prefer being an apprentice to an experienced mentor.


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