There are a lot of cases in Kourdakov’s autobiography where he used contrast to certain events. I think this really adds to the way his story is being told. It is the comparison of the past with what happens that describes its importance. By giving examples of before and after a job was done or something that got out of hand, he shows you how the change impacted the world around it.

The most significant contrasts he wrote are the Believer’s secret meetings. There’s no doubt that these would have drastic change. He describes most in a calm and peaceful setting, praying and worshiping freely. The house they are in is well furnished and has nice little decorations, or the beach they are on is so calming. They are happy and feel safe. Then along comes the crew of the special police force. They bust in the house or run down the hillside shouting or wherever it may take place, and attack brutally. Blood is drawn, bones are broken, and other terrible things happen. Before long, the whole service has become a scene of horror. What was once so nice was drastically changed. And this is just one story he used this type of writing for.

Another important instance worth noting was when he had been awarded for his work. A high ranking officer named Orlov had him stand in front of TV for this presentation of the award from men whom he looked up to. It was the proudest moment of his life. It wasn’t until later that he came across their private dining hall that he saw the truth. The men who awarded him were really drunken fools. One of them kept rambling on about how communism was a curse to Russia. He could not believe what he was hearing. These men were only using it to get ahead in life. They didn’t care about the country at all. His faith in Communism was shattered. This contrast completely changed his world view, and how he set out to get by, in a way.

One final comparison would be the difference between the leaders. This is the Russian leaders vs. leaders of Believer services. The leaders of the USSR are in it to win it, so to speak. They are only there for self benefit, be it power or good food, or even the Vodka that is so bountiful in Russia. They don’t care about Communist ideology or their founder Lenin. They want what they can get in the Commie system. Kourdakov adopted this way of doing things as his own. This is not how the leaders of the Believers think. They instead have a far different mindset. They are in it for their faith. They do what they do not out of desire for money or things. They do it to help others who believe or help them to believe. They know the risks, and they are willing to take them. The contrast of these two life styles is very significant and would later shape Kourdakov further.


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