When Sergei Kourdakov wrote his autobiography, he wrote it very lively and descriptive. I believe this is very important when writing an auto bio. If a story of someone is written, the simple fact that they could describe it well enough makes you feel like it happened right in front of you. How else are you supposed to compel people to keep reading? Making a biography that is strongly well written, as they say, captivates the reader. A succinct description would not have the same feel when imagining the scene as it would if you could give a ‘mental image’.

Here is an example. In the beginning of the book, he started it off on the stormy sea he dove into in order to escape Russia. He described the situations and problems, like his tumble down the cliff, or his exhaustion as he approached the shore, in a way that made the reader understand the importance of them. This shows people what a good writer he is, and that he remembered all these things well. If he happened to get a couple details wrong, I am sure no one would care too much since the rest of the story would have diverted their attention.

Making the story lively and well portrayed not only tells the reader what the scene looked like, it also shows what the people in it feel and think. He could have just said the the Believers (Christians) were scared, but no. He gave a vivid idea of the agony and the despair, yet the slight determination they had to keep worshiping and praising. Frankly, it moved me a bit, as well as others who also read his biography. And that is the point. How are you supposed to describe the magnitude of the moment in time with a non-descriptive explanation of the emotion and thought process of the people involved?

All of this time and effort put into the biography proves that he had a message that he wanted the reader to grasp. The determination and resistance of the Believers he described is an attempt to prove their strong faith in God. He shows how this faith moved him too. It also shows how there was something he couldn’t understand about the Believers’ faith that he wanted. The message I gathered was that even the most evil and hardhearted of people can be changed and turned into a better person by simply putting their faith in God. Maybe not everyone got the same message as I, but the idea will always be there. Faith is the key. That is what he wanted to get across. And you know what? He succeeded.

So, to me, a biography, a book, anything written about an event or someone’s life needs a lively description. It does not matter if it’s not entirely right, or if there was an element in his story that even Sergei didn’t understand. The way he wrote it and the way he portrayed it are enough to change someone, which is what he wanted. As someone famous once said,’ if I can help just one person by what I have said, then I have succeeded’.


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