A lot of what I have been learning these past few weeks is centered around the eighty/twenty rule. The main thing it is proving that we can use it to work the same, yet get more out of the things we do every day. Now it’s time for me to take a look at what I can apply it to in order to get these kinds of results. so the question presented to me was: What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency?

My weekly schedule is rather simple. I wake up at eight, Monday through Friday, and do my education, first math, then English, science, this course, and finally speech. After all that, the time is about three. I then go work on my next youtube video for my gaming channel, which I hope will turn into some kind of income. I also watch some of my favorite you tubers for a good chunk of time before supper. I later practice piano and then play video games with my siblings until it’s time for bed. This is my basic weekday schedule.

Right away I already see a major flaw in my schedule. Playing video games. Now the video games are not the problem, it’s the playing until bedtime. Sure maybe a half an hour just to spend some time with my siblings would be fine, but I play well over an hour with them. And right before I go to sleep too. My solution is cutting the time, and using it for other things, like improving my piano skills or maybe start doing digital design again.

The next thing I see is that I watch youtube videos. This is a big waste of my time, over an hour, that could be used for more important things. This won’t be hard to do, so I’ll just focus on the channels that are important to me, like my friends’ channels. The extra time can be used for things I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. Looking at it from this perspective, I can now determine that those aren’t the best of choices.

Now Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much leisure days, and I usually treat them as such. I can however use them more effectively if I used them differently. Weekends would be perfect for working on any digital design projects I may have started, as well as look for tools to begin working on my calling. And if I happen to have any extra time after that, I can finally get to reading my book series too.

By managing my time better and pin pointing my twenty percent, I can make the most out of my week, my eighty percent, day by day. I hope this serves as an example on how effective and useful applying the twenty/eighty rule can be, for me, and all of you.


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