This week, I have been reading an autobiography by Washington. No, not George Washington, but an ex-slave who lived during and after the civil war. He was a man strongly built on the belief that everyone should have a good, proper education. He was also the one who founded the Tuskegee Institute. In his biography, he wrote a few arguments against the slave trade system, which he had been rescued from. I was assigned to write about them,so I picked a few of them to do so with.

One of the first few he talks about was the condition of slaves on their masters’ plantations. From his own experience, he knew that masters lived in a huge home while they were left in a small cabin outside. There where no beds inside this small home, also they slept on the ground, or a few old rags they found lying around. They didn’t have that much food either, so some of them resorted to stealing food just to have a decent meal. Even their clothes were pretty much made of anything that was lying around. Fortunately for all of them, they were freed when the civil war ended.

Washington also blamed the slave system for people’s undermining of work, and good work ethic. Since slaves were doing most of the work on farms, their masters forgot about even thinking of doing anything related to it. So when the slaves were freed, The ex-masters were unsure of how to make their own living, rather than relying on someone else hard work. The same thing went for former slaves as well. Just because they had been freed did not mean that they couldn’t work hard to earn their own bread. This was something he truly believed in.

Finally, one of the most important arguments he made was that they were not educated well. Most of the children around that time did not go to school, for this was only a privilege that white people had at the time. Most to the adult slaves didn’t even know how to. So when they were freed, there was a great struggle for them to adapt to a word filled world. Fortunately, schools for them were soon set up, and hundreds of ex-slaves flocked to these buildings. Washington himself did almost anything he could to enter in any school available to him. He even went to a University when he was old enough.

So these are some of the things Washington strongly opposed regarding the slave system. Having a good home, A place to sleep, and even being able to read are some of the things a lot of us take for granted. At this time, there were a lot of slaves who would have been eternally grateful to have these things. I personally agree with his point of view on the whole ordeal. Of course, having been in this system, he was most likely more passionate about it than any of us. I look forward to reading further into exactly what made him decide to begin his own institute, and how his life played out.


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