This week, my business class has been less, well, business focused and more productivity and future oriented. In the previous business essay, I wrote about cutting back on things that weren’t as important as other things. Now this essay will be on giving more importance to things that will benefit me. I shall take three things I do, or need to do again, and then ask two questions: Why this activity, How will it benefit me.

The first one I have chosen is art. The reason why is because I am “gifted” as my parents say, but I feel like I could do way better if given the proper amount of time. That is why I am going to give it as much time as needed. How will doing art benefit me? Well, I do it both on paper and digitally, so I am technically a digital designer too. It could be turned into a source of income, and I think it would also be good for my calling too.

The next activity I shall work more on is piano. I chose this because I love taking what’s in my head and hear it in the real world. My current skills, however, are rather basic, but hey, at least I know where the notes are. The way improving my piano skills would benefit me would be that I could help out anyone who needed a musician, so to speak. I could also make a job out of creating instrumental tracks and maybe my own symphony. Who knows what will happen.

The final one I think I should give more time to is writing. The reason is that I am always coming up with stories, be it by accident or on purpose, and I often write them so I don’t forget. I do however think I could stand to be a bit more expressive in the way I write, so I need more time to work on this skill. This could benefit me if, and only if, I published the stories that flow from my mind. I am already writing a book, and I hope to get it published, if I ever finish it, and think that I could make a decent living off of being an author.

Now that I have stopped and really seen the way I live out my life, I am actually shocked at how little time I spent doing all of those. Some days I would hardly do any of them, or none at all. I desperately need to devote more of my time into these things. I don’t have many things to offer the world, but I should at least try to do them with the best effort I can. And who knows, maybe one of those will become my job. I just need to give them more time.


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