This week, I have been reading on how Booker Washington began to further improve his school. The question presented to me concerning this school surprised me. It asks: was Washington’s program for blacks’ acceptance an elitist program? I would have to say no. Why exactly? Because of the way Washington viewed the school and moral ethics. The school wasn’t a place where learned blacks were superior to other people. On the contrary, it was focused on helping your fellow man and gaining acceptance by providing him with what he needs. The way he did this was with bricks. He also taught the students at his school the importance of having good work ethic, and a majority of their education was on laboring. He believed that you should learn how to take action first, and learn facts and words later. So, returning to the original question, was he running an elitist program? No. He was far too focused on working for others to be thinking that.


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