For the first week of my new government course, I have been reading a very long essay by Robert Nisbet, a man who was a mentor to my teacher. So far, I have learned the types of government, the necessity for sovereignty in government, and sources of law from his writings and my teacher’s lectures. Now I have been asked a question regarding family being a legitimate kind of government. And my answer is yes. It is indeed legitimate. Here is the logic behind my reasoning.

First, let’s go way back, back to the medieval age. What is the type of government you think of around this era? A monarchy, better known as kings and queens. The monarchy is basically a family, much like families today, but put in a higher position. The princes and princesses, the children of the king, rule with their father, but still must be obedient to him as well. If they misbehave, they could be punished for it, just like families today, and just like any government would do to those who step out of line.

Going back to modern times, we see a similar kind of scenario that the families from long ago were in, just without as high of a level of power. Fathers still punish their children for misbehaving, just like any government would do to those who deserve it. They also have sanctions, or rewards, for those who do behave, just like any government. Basically, a family is just a small government within a household of related people, rather than an entire city or country. It’s actually kind of funny to think that all over the world there are a lot of very small independent governments, yet they are all governed by a bigger one.


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