My teacher, Dr. North, has presented me with a slightly larger task than normal this week. One of the last things I have been looking at in my Government class is Family jurisdiction, so the assignment seems logical. I am to describe family government in terms of these five topics: sovereignty, hierarchy, law, sanctions, and succession. I shall do so with each in their own neat little paragraph.

Let’s start off with sovereignty. Now, to me, the source of this is marriage vows. This is because every government is forged from vows. When presidents are elected, they make a vow. When you say “I do”, that’s a vow. And all the children must acknowledge their jurisdiction and the parents must acknowledge their responsibilities. They must also remember that their vow is an exclusive bond, and that means that they are united as one.

Now, hierarchy or authority, is somewhat like what I mentioned in the previous paragraph – mainly the part about children. As much as we as kids will deny it, our parents are the ones in charge until we grow up. Yes kids; They are in charge. Apart from this, I want to mention that a government has the right to exclude and a legal immunity from invasion. Since the parents have been given the authority over the children, no one else should be allowed to ‘be the boss’ of the children.

Since the parents are the boss, technically, they are the ones who make the laws – though they are usually called ‘the rules’. The children must follow the rules. Now, to address children who might read this, the parents only make the rules, believe it or not, so you don’t hurt yourselves. Basically, they say ‘don’t go out with your friends after dark’ because they know the impending dangers that you don’t know about. And all the ‘please and thank you’ junk, isn’t really junk. They want you to learn how to behave right now so you can behave right when you go on a date.

Now sanctions, the negative ones, are what you get if you do not obey. This is basically punishment, as in, discipline. For instance, you stole a cookie when you shouldn’t have, so now you can’t play with your friends around the neighborhood. Now, I will state again that no one but your parents should be allowed to impose these. But not all are bad. there are positive ones as well. For instance, if you were like me, then you got a reward for making it to the toilet when you were being potty trained.

Now, as all parents realize, kids don’t stay kids forever. They grow up, which brings us to the last topic: succession. This can come in a couple different forms. The first is the family business. If the father or mother has a business that they built up over their life time, then one of their children could grow up to run it when the parents retire or pass away. You could also just inherit wealth when they leave as well, if they left anything in their will, that is. But, I have stated now thrice, only the children will be allowed to inherit, unless stated otherwise

And there you have it! This is what a family government is supposed to be.


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