It has taken about a month, but my journey with Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is over. The methods and techniques found inside are fundamental to human relations and I for one am eager to apply some to my life. But, for the sake of my assignments, I am only going to choose one right now and answer the following question which pertains to it. The question presented this week was actually a statement intended for me to expound on: “My plan to implement one chapter in my life.”

Now there are, as I said, a lot of techniques with chapters that I would like to work on, but I am only going to pick one to talk about right now. The chapter in question is Chapter 1 in Part 2 of the book. The ‘Principle’, as they are labeled, for this one is to become genuinely interested in people. Now this I have chosen because I believe it is something I struggle with. Normally, I am not one to talk to people, meaning other teens my age or there about, who I am unfamiliar with. This of course, is a result of my own ill-strategized choices, but, the implementation of this method would be a great benefit to the currently small amount of friends I have.

So how will I do it? Well, to be honest I just need to do the simple task of asking them how their day is, or even just saying hi to someone. Starting a conversation with,’hi, how are you doing?’ and sticking around to find out is a good start. The way this is heading, I now realize, is starting to sound like principle 4 – Encourage others to talk about themselves – but the two go hand in hand.

Now there is another way of doing this that is more interest orientated. For instance, ninety percent of the people I see on a weekly basis are at a youth gathering I go to. If I see someone, I might ask one of my friends what they are interested in. If they know, they might say that they like art or sports, or how about cars for example. Then with this in mind, I walk up to them and introduce myself, and then say “I heard you like cars, and was wondering if you could share what you know about them.” I am more than certain that they would want to talk about whatever they liked about cars or which model was their favorite.

It really isn’t that hard to do, but it is up to the person who knows it to apply it in life. So that is what I am going to try and do the next time I go to that gathering, or any event where a good deal of people are. Who knows what will happen. I might just gain a few friends along the way.


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