This week, I have been learning “how to argue with a Liberal” by reading a book of that title. A lot of the Liberal arguments presented in it consist of government being in control of a vast number of areas in our lives, which I for one don’t agree on allowing. But, what’s misunderstood is that giving this kind of power to the government will have consequences, good and bad.  This brings us to the weekly question/statement which I must expound on: “If the state has the power to do good things for people, it also has the power to do bad things to them.”

Now this I believe makes sense. For one, if the state were to provide you with funds and commodities like food, it has just as much freedom to take it away from you as well. Well, it’s not like it hasn’t been doing this already. The state government has been doing this kind of work for a long time, and by that I mean taxes. It has been taking money from some people – the ‘bad’ thing – and giving them to the party that asked for it – the ‘good’ thing but it isn’t too extreme. If it was given authority over a mans home, let’s just say, they could give you a house, but, if they wanted to, they could take it back whether you liked it or not.

In conclusion, the state can do good for you if given the power, but it can also do bad to you if they wanted, if given the power. This, I believe is, not widely considered in our country today, but, with out warning, it could happen to anyone.


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