This week, I have completed my reading of Mark Twain’s autobiography, and I have one conclusion: he didn’t really know how to write one well. He himself said in it that he was an amateur at writing them. Having said that, I myself am not a master at this either, for I still have some work to do. For now, I must stick to my assignments first. The question presented this week in English is: “What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?”

I’ve honestly never thought about that much. What would I benefit? Well, now that I think about it, an autobiography is like a time capsule in a way. If written right, it can retain events from a certain era which the writer has experienced, and/ or has a personal opinion of. If Twain, for example, had given his more detail, it could have shown us what the late 19th century looked like. I know this is not really a personal benefit, but it can be.

Ok, now I shall look for benefits I would get from writing one. Well, the only thing I can think of is a life assessment. Not fully an assessment, but more of a way to look back at what you did in the past and to not lose it. Preserving memories that you don’t want to forget, I suppose. Because not everyone has a perfect memory, and it fades over time. Then again, there are some things you’d rather forget, but you shouldn’t, because you can learn from them.

The only other benefit I could possibly conceive is making a few dollars off of selling it as a book. I guess the real benefit is just saving your personal history. Who knows, maybe there will be someone in the future who is fascinated by the story I leave behind.


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