My government class has given me the impression that the State wants control over everything we do in our daily lives without our consent. They already have it in a few areas of our lives, and I personally think this has to stop, and soon. Some people might think that it’s alright since they get subsidies and things like that, but that’s simply because they don’t know where that money is coming from. Before I derail completely, let me resume with this week’s Government assignment. The question is: “Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?” I prefer using ‘government’ rather than ‘state’.

I fully believe that this is an impossible task. Unless they can pull money out of thin air, there is no way. Why? Let me explain. A subsidy is basically a grant of money given by the government to those who ask for it. Now, the government has to get this money from somewhere, so they have put taxes in place. This is a form of governmental control, but people don’t realize this. The government has taken control of the wages paid to someone who worked for it. If the man who worked for it doesn’t like it, they don’t care. They take it anyway. This is involuntary redistribution of wealth, and it is tyranny.

So my answer is no. You can’t have government given subsidies without a dash of government control. I might be going off topic, but here’s something the government probably hasn’t considered. If they keep handing out money, people will start becoming dependent on it. The more they hand out, the more people will come to them. This they already know. But, what if everyone was receiving money from the government and had quit their jobs because they were getting money from them? Where do they get money now? At this point, the whole thing would collapse. They would need to force people to work in order to receive what they made.

I have given my answer as well as an idea of what could happen, and it doesn’t look too good for this country. If this governmental take over does not stop soon, it’s not going to bode well for anyone.


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