A new book was recently introduced to me, and honestly, I welcomed it with open arms. It is ‘The $100 Startup’ by Chris Guillebeau, and it is not at all what I expected when it was given as a reading assignment. It basically says to take your passion, provided it is of value to other people, and build a business from it. Imagine that! The question assigned relating to this book is “The ideal apprenticeship job, and why?”

An apprenticeship? I never really considered it on a serious level. But, regarding what I like to do, being an apprentice to a musician, or an audio engineer would seem to me a good idea. Why? Because I love creating music with the few tools I have around me. I am fairly good at piano, but have little skill when it comes to sound systems and recording devices. By working as an apprentice, I could, in theory, learn how to operate a sound system and machinery like it. Then when I finally have the ‘know how’ I can use it to record my own music.

I guess this is an effective way to learn the skills to pursue your career in whatever it is you desire. I may actually work under an apprenticeship someday since I have discussed it. It would be a great benefit to me and my passion.


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