My journey with How to argue With a Liberal continues, and this time I paged through arguments about government intervention in business and pricing. I do not agree with anything argued by the socialists. They are merely excuses made to keep their constant stream of stolen cash as big as ever. Now, there is the matter of my writing assignment that I must complete. This time, I must state why “Price controls are people controls.”

Well, the reasons for this are simple. First, they would probably insist that they were helping people not to be ‘gypped’. The real motives are that they want to control people’s money, and by extent, them. Now, they’ll tell you that they aren’t controlling people, just the prices from being to high, but really, prices are only perceived as too high by certain people, and when they do, then the businesses will adjust their prices on their own. They don’t need the government to tell them what they should and shouldn’t charge, it’s their choice. It’s their right!

Not only the businesses would and are being violated, so are the customers’ rights! Think about it, if you want to buy something at a price you think is fair, then you pay the money voluntarily, right? No. The government is going to tell you that you can’t buy that because the price is not fair. They are violating your rights. It’s your choice, but they still want to intervene.

In short, the government is claiming that they only control prices when they are actually controlling people and their money. Now, do me a favor and ask yourselves, would you want to live in a country where you can’t even buy what you want because of ‘bad prices’? Just think about it.


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