This week, I have brought my reading of Geronimo’s Autobiography to a close. The book was a bit strange to me, possibly because I don’t understand much about Apache culture, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. But now, my teacher has once again given me a writing assignment I feel is a bit out of context to what I was reading. His assignment was about this question: “Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”

Now, I am not entirely certain on my answer at the present, but I will say that it depends. If I were applying one, it would have to be relevant to what leads up to it. I say this because it would make no sense to reference a speech like the Gettysburg Address without talking about resolving a divisional conflict of some sort. Other than that, it is basically filling up a page for no reason. Having said that now, I’m beginning to lean towards the decision of it not being a benefit to include these.

I honestly can’t find any reasons why I would other than the ones I have stated. I mean, do autobiographies need a speech to be included somewhere in them? I don’t really think so. Unless there is a speech that will impact me in the future, I don’t see how that would do me any good. So, my answer is clear to me now. It really depends, but I don’t think speeches are something I would include in my autobiography.


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