This week, I conclude my reading assignments regarding the book The $100 Start Up. It has been a rather inspiring book, and I have made my own plans based off of it’s recommendations. I really liked reading this book, and would, in fact, recommend it if you want to make a business your way, so to speak. Now, on to the question assigned this week. It asks: “What is the lifestyle I want 20 years from now?”

Well, this is a surprising question to me. I honestly don’t have a clue about my future, nor have I ever fantasized about it. Well, if I did, I would actually like a lifestyle not too different from my life now. I’m rather content with the way I’m living now, but I would like a dog. I suppose that counts. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be doing schoolwork twenty years from now, so that time would be used for the business I desire. Of course I would do it at home, possibly a small one I purchased myself from beginning my business at an early age (younger than 18).

Now, the important thing here is that I don’t want to stress myself out with being a business man. I want to enjoy the work I do and still make a decent living. My plan should be able to make that easy, though only time will tell of it will work that way. My idea is to create thumbnails and channel art for small channels that want them with the tools I have learned how to use that cost nothing to get. It sounds to me like it would be easy enough to accomplish that with this plan.

So, in summary, I don’t want an extravagant way of living, just one I will be content with. A good house, a canine companion, and, if I stretch it a little, a truck maybe. I would probably even find someone by then to live my life with, but that’s another story for another time.


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