I was rather surprised by the book I was recently given as an assignment. I have been, and have completed reading the autobiography of Charles Darwin, and let me tell you, it wasn’t like any normal autobiography. This is because he obviously did not know how to write one very well. It very strongly lacked descriptiveness, and not a lot other than his book the ‘Origin’ was really talked about. This brings us to the weekly question relating to my reading. I was asked: “What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?”

I have an idea of what. I would actually describe what I say in my autobiography. To make things clearer, an autobiography is supposed to be a personal view of a point in time, basically, it’s supposed to talk about things in a persons lifetime. Darwin mentioned his children, but he barely talks about them. How are you supposed to learn about a person if they don’t tell you about themselves? The only thing he repeatedly talks about is his diminishing health, but what else? Did he have the finances to counter it? Who helped him deal with it? His wife?

If I were to write an autobiography, I would say as much as I can about events in my life. If I had kids, I would talk about how they impacted my life and if they would motivate me to behave differently. Even if I get a new life long friend, I would talk about how they have helped me and what kind of person they are and how they have affected my life. It really is the simple things that make all the difference. Not only do personal situations matter, but world events from my life time would also be very important things to address. For instance, if huge war were to break out, one’s opinion on such an event would be very thoroughly sought after. If it happened in my lifetime, I could and should talk about how I feel about it.

I hope my answer makes sense, though I am fairly certain it does. Being a child who has been raised to do well in writing, it would seem to me and injustice to deny a reader important details, even if they aren’t important to you, the author. You must, however, always choose your topics carefully. It is unlikely that someone would be interested in knowing you had toast one morning. Even though you shouldn’t mention every slightest piece of info, never forget to be descriptive.


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