Recently I concluded my reading of How To Argue With A Liberal, and I can say that I learned much from it. A lot of what Liberals argue when answered with what is written in this book really shows you what they really think is way different with what they say.Much of their true desires consist of eliminating our rights, not just as a citizen, but as human beings. Some of this is geared toward private property, some attack the free market. Either way, all of us are the victims of political plunder. Now my writing assignment has me a bit confused as to what it refers to, but I shall answer it nonetheless. It says: “How could voluntary arrangements solve this problem if the state did not impose the politics of plunder?”

When it says this, it is asking me to pick a problem from a chapter in the book to solve via voluntary arrangements. Listen to this: Chapter 31 counters the argument “One man’s gain is another’s loss.”  Now I shall too. I have chosen this one because this ‘problem’ has been solved every single day! Yes, it has, and, in fact, you might do it today. You have a grocery lis, right? That means you go to the store to buy food and other products, right? So, you grab what you want and take it to the counter, let’s say a bag of apples. The total cost is 40 dollars. Now, when you buy them, do you think you are being cheated out of your money? Of course not! You agree to pay that price because at the time, you value those apples more than the 40 bucks. It’s not a loss, its a satisfaction. And not only are you satisfied, but the store clerk is too, because he valued the money more than the produce.

So the phrase ‘one man’s gain is another’s loss’ is completely false. The two in the transaction think it is a fair trade. You get what you want, and they get what they want. It is voluntary! So, there you go. A simple solution to one of the many lies made by Liberals. And, as you can see, this is proven wrong, and will forever be proven wrong, every single day.


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