Topic: write a Craigslist ad for something that someone in your family wants to sell. (Easy Chair)

Looking for a better place to sit and enjoy yourself? Look no further! This easy chair will give you all the comfort and relaxation you need! It’s great for watching the game Sunday afternoon, or catching up on your favorite book! Get your new comfy place now!

This week had two assignments; The one you see above is the first. The second is what I am writing, and what you are reading, right now. Giving a little background to this, I have been reading Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins, which is a very good book on how to advertise. I was then told to write that example ad, as well as explain the logic of it. Now, let me begin my reasoning behind this ad.

Now, this assignment was not expected at all, but I have done my best to incorporate what I have learned into it. In the first sentence, I was trying to sort of ‘make a connection’ with someone who was looking for an easy chair to, for example, relax. It didn’t have to be that, but that’s mostly what I focused on. Next, I stated the benefits or advantages, like more comfort, to show the reader of the ad that this chair would be what they were looking for. The next section was focused on what the reader would want the chair for, thus, stating what the readers’ interests were, following the rule that ‘people are self-interested’. And last, I stated a call to action, basically, ‘buy now!’, but I stated it in a way that would seem like they are the ones who would get the benefit, a comfortable new chair, and not waste their money, at least, that’s what I intended.

So there you have it. I’m not sure that it is the best ad, but for a first try, I think I did fairly well. And who knows, maybe I will sell a chair just like it some day.


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