Ever heard of the book ‘What makes you think we read the bills’? Well, that’s the book that I have been reading this week, and I must say, it does not hide anything from the reader.Much of the book, so far that is, is on legislators, and it doesn’t sound like they are really doing their job right. I mean, they don’t even read the bills that they support sometimes. Now, the question this week doesn’t have too much to do with that, but it is still a good one. This one asked: “Should the police be allowed to enforce a politician’s verbal restriction against making a video of him at an open meeting?”

Well, short answer, no. The long answer, I don’t think that the police are the ones who should be making sure it doesn’t happen. Honestly, would the police arrest someone for recording a simple meeting? The point is, people have rights, since they are the ones who voted these politicians into power, correct? That makes them a sovereign part of the process. They also have the right to see what those people whom they elected have to say and to share it with others. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Well this is my answer, and I think it is legitimate. After all, we have the ‘freedom of the press’ right? It’s one of the many rights we have been given in this country, and no one can take that away from use. Right?


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