This week, I continue my read through of ‘what makes you think we read the bills’, and it has further shown me what really happens behind the scenes. Many things in the government actually influence the way legislators vote, and what they vote for. Often what is enforced by them is not always what we want, but they don’t care, they are at the receiving end of the people’s loss. But, the people who vote for legislators also have to make sure that they want this man to influence the way laws are passed as well. So, as a result, my assignment this week has asked about people and their elected ones. It says: “Should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone to run against him in the next primary if he starts voting wrong?”

Now my answer is simple. No. Personally, I think that this actually shows a lack of trust towards the legislator. Basically, if you appoint someone as your legislator, you have to trust that he will vote for the right things, and that he will help your cause. And as for electing someone to run against you if he doesn’t, that seems like betrayal to me. If you didn’t trust the guy, and even had a backup candidate if he failed you, why make him a legislator in the first place?

I honestly think the entire system is messed up, and by that, I mean that many legislators either don’t care about people, since they don’t interact with them much, or they used to, but were cut off by a legislator’s life. My honest opinion is that no one really trusts elected officials anymore, that is, if they still have any common sense. The whole thing really is a mess.


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