After a months worth of reading, I finally completed the book ‘What makes you think we read the bills?’, and I have one thing to say about it: Legislators need help. Though this is mostly sarcasm, the things they do to ‘better the country’ are often stupid choices, which is one of the main points of the book. Another point, apart from this, is that the government is getting larger, in fact, too large. Legislators pretty much get elected to gain power, which grows it further, and now, there are so many laws; too many as well. And, as I have stated long ago, a good portion of these laws have led to, wait for it, political plunder. Now, before I talk anymore about the problems with the government, here’s my assignment this week: “Is restitution to victims better for society than jail sentences for criminals?”

My answer is jail sentences, plain and simple, but, plain and simple don’t make an essay. My reasoning behind this is that sentences are supposed to be punishment for doing wrong, wether big or small. They could have committed murder, or robbed a gas station. They could even have just swiped someone’s wallet. Whatever it is, they knew it was wrong. Now, I could have said restitution for victims just as easily, but my one reason for not choosing this is simple: you can’t return life. If a murder occurs, there isn’t really much to return to the family attacked, is there? Sure, you could pay compensation, but, to a family, there is no amount of money on Earth that can pay for the loss of a loved one. It’s just that simple.

Now, regarding society, I chose what I chose because, other than my previous statement, paying back a stolen object or sum of money would be nice, if it was the original amount. If it was from the government, then the government most likely took it from someone else. Plus, if no jail sentences were given, then criminals would roam free indefinitely, without any negative sanctions holding them back. Then, more possessions would be taken as well. And, if you were to keep giving subsidies to pay them back, then more is taken from a certain amount of people, until one day, poof! All the money lies with the criminals. now this is just one outcome that I fantasized would happen if only restitution was applied. it probably wouldn’t be the real outcome if it were applied, but it would be similar to it, I’m sure.


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