So, this week has been a rather info filled one. I have been reading The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner, and to be honest, he really puts what you need to hear, in regards to your business, out in the open. Now, there are a lot of important criteria that your business’s advertising and sales pitch should fall into, other wise, you may not get as many sales as you could be. So, in regards to that, I have been given a different kind of assignment, one of which involves four old TV commercials. It says: “Which of these ads best conforms to Joyner’s standards of an irresistible offer?”

M&M’s – Which Hand (1957, USA)

TRS-80 Commercial

Commodore IBM PC Commercial (1987)

American Express TV commercial 1960s

So, which is it? Well, to start off, I don’t think the first, nor the second qualify as an Irresistible Offer. The first doesn’t really have very much ROI (return on investment) since the only thing you’d be getting is a delicious candy. It also doesn’t have a very clear Touchstone offer. A touchstone offer should say these four things: what’s to sell, what cost, what benefits, and why to buy from us. It only shows one of these, what’s sold. The second also needs a more obvious Touchstone offer. Sure it shows what’s sold, the device, as well as the price, but the benefits are not shown, only some of the features. Maybe their reasons for you buying lies with them being ‘the biggest name in little computers‘, but there’s not much that proves there’s a good ROI. I probably wouldn’t buy.

This next add, however sells a semi-similar machine, but in a much better way. To start off, there is a problem there that they have a solution to, which I personally think makes it a good start for the ad. It also answers the more important parts of the Touchstone Offer. What’s sold? A computer for your home. On ‘what price’, I think it gets bonus points, because it’s actually offering a discount price. Now what are the benefits? A computer that can run the programs you use at work, and the elimination of the ‘carrying your office’s computer home’ problem. As for why, I don’t see much, but it definitely makes up for this be throwing in an extra offer, which is ‘ for another $100, you get a monitor and software training’. What a bargain! let’s go to Commodore!

The last one I won’t touch much on, since there is literally NO sales pitch of any kind! So, in conclusion, I think Commodore wins when it comes to an ad that meets Irresistible Offer standards. If they were still around, I would definitely have bought from them, since I’m actually looking for a new computer. It’s the offer for me!


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