Ever heard of the Welfare State? They are pretty much systems where everything belongs to the gov, and you are given homes and food and jobs, right? Well, they are more than that.They also don’t give you a choice about anything, nor can you own anything. Even your basic human rights aren’t yours in a Welfare State. So, my assignment this time has an important question regarding it. It asks: “Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?”

We all know what the free market is, right? It’s the system where anyone can start a business and they are the one’s in charge of it, right? Well, the thing now at days is that man no longer wants to be in charge of their income. They are to lazy to run a business. So they leave it up to the state to decide, and that is where the Welfare State originates, and where the free market would sadly end. But, in a world where the Free Market would be destroyed, you would pretty much be a slave. Slaves don’t own anything, and they work hard but don’t get anything. Sure they get food and shelter, but they can’t be free to do what they want.

Believe it or not, if that did happen, man would want their personal responsibility for things back. It’s their divine right. So, my answer is that the free market promotes responsibility, not the Welfare State. But more and more people want to be responsible for things and their mistakes less and less. If this keeps up, then the Welfare State might just happen.


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