Assignment: write an ad to make your friend persuade their parents to sign up for Ron Paul Curriculum.

The Good Education

My friend, we both know that you have libertarian parents, and so public school hasn’t been an option to them. They try to teach you themselves, but time and courses have been scarce, haven’t they? You yourself want to learn, but it hasn’t been easy. You’re all working really hard to pull it off, but what if I told you that you can get what you and your parent’s have been looking for by doing nothing at all?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is true, and I can prove it. There is a curriculum that you can take that teaches you about things you will use later in life, like business. There’s a course that teaches you about the past through autobiographies, and how you can write your own, and why it is important. There’s a course that will teach you what government is supposed to look like, and what really goes on in Washington. The curriculum even covers all the usual material, like math and science. Still not enough? Well, there’s also a personal finance course that will help you manage your money and use it wisely, rather than it waste away. You can even take a course that shows you how to skip two years of college and still get credit for it.

Since I got signed up, I’ve learned the basics of writing ads, the truth behind socialism, what government should look like, What the 1800’s were like, and much more. I have gained a determination not to give up on the curriculum, without anyone needing to push me on. Plus a lot of what I’ve learned has been heard of by very few, giving me an advantage!

So, now you may be wondering, how much does this curriculum cost? Most curriculums with this many courses to offer can cost up to 2000 dollars in total. This course doesn’t even cost a thousand, or even five hundred. It costs only 250 dollars! The best part is, they won’t deposit your money until 60 days later, so you can get it back before then with no hassle if your not satisfied! And, if something turns up after that date, you can get a refund just as easily. If you think you’re ready to use this curriculum and gain a huge advantage in life, then tell your parents to sign you up now!


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