Recently in my Business class, I have been reading Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves, and I once again see what not many business think about: Stating benefits. It is a shock to me that no one else has ever thought that naming a benefit in your ad would be good for business. In this assignment, I must us RPC (my curriculum provider) as an example for this. My assignment is: “Identify two possible USP’s (benefits) for the Ron Paul Curriculum.”

Well, when I saw this assignment the first thing that came to mind is that ‘it teaches you how to succeed’. Why you ask? Because no other course on the internet, or even in a classroom, will teach you how to make money, start a business, make a blog, etc. Just look at the previous paragraph. Not many people are taught things that I know about business, and I can’t even legally start my own business yet! This has put me at a massive advantage to almost all of American students my age, and those are the people I will be up against one day! Most schools, physical and online, merely teach you info that you can get a grade with. I think this is what sets it apart, and proves this USP.

My second USP is mostly for parents, whereas the previous was for students, but is still a legitimate USP. It is that Their children can learn without them having to be there everyday. Think about it! This is one of the main reasons why parents don’t homeschool their kids. This can also be built upon my the previous USP. Their children take their education into their own hands, and they learn all these amazing skills and things that they can use later in life without you needing to remind them to do their work! All you really have to do is read the essays they write, like the one I’m writing now. In fact, hi Mom! 🙂

So, there you have it. Two USPs that are both very important, and can even go hand in hand to be one great USP. I’m honestly glad I am learning what I’m learning, and can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. Though, if I’m honest, with the amount of essays I’ve been writing, I think they are getting some free advertisement from me writing these. Oh, well. I’m content either way.


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