I am unsure when I stated this before, but my teacher (more like lecturer) on RPC is Dr. Gary North, and this week I have been taking a look at some of his articles. Most of them have to do with the Government and their persistent banter about the Welfare State being good for the country. They attempted to use the moon landing of 1969 to prove that the government should manage things, but people like Gary are not that easily swayed by this argument. Today, I shall answer a question that somewhat regards this. The Question: “Did all four of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms promote liberty?”

First, what are the Four Freedoms he spoke of? Well, they were what he wanted to provide America with in his speech titled ‘The Four Freedoms’. The first is freedom of speech, which is in the constitution, so you knew that one. The second is freedom of every person to worship God, which was never really restricted before. The third, however, is freedom from want, which translates to the government giving you a home and food, like in the Welfare State. The fourth is freedom from fear, which meant world wide removal of weapons, which I think was purely a Frank fantasy. It would be impossible to do that, in my opinion.

So, now to the question. Did all of those promote liberty? my answer is no, not all of them. There are, however, only two of these I fully believe are liberties: Speech and Worship. The freedom from want, as I stated a few moments ago, sound an awful lot like the government trying to be in charge of our lives. The other, freedom from fear, would require everyone to give up their weapons all over the world, and trust me, no country would be fully willing to do so. But, not only would other countries get rid of their weapons, so would America. I’m sure the military would try to keep a few weapons hidden somewhere. But, this also applies to citizens. The government would have to take away guns by force, which is coercion, and is violating our rights and God given freedoms.

So, in conclusion, I can agree with only two of the Four Freedoms Franklin Roosevelt spoke of. The other have more to say against liberty than anything else. In all fairness, we do have rights to property, but only property we possess, and not other people’s. It is sad to me that some people see using the government to get a job or a home or anything as a good option. But they should beware, for a day will come when someone uses that to take something from then. How right is it then?


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