Assignment: “Write the text copy for a Ron Paul Curriculum affiliate landing page”

Effortless Teaching

Parents can give their children a good education without ever lifting a finger.

What’s something that a lot of Homeschool parents struggle with when it comes to home education? They often have to sit down with their kids and go through each lesson with them. This often proves to be difficult with families consisting of more than 3 children.

Another common issue is having to find the courses your children need. Parents might miss one or the course goes against what they believe, the child might not even understand some of their lessons, leaving it up to you to find alternatives.

This course (RPC) can solve those problems and make educating your kids so easy, you don’t even have to do anything, except read a few essays they write. Having hired the best teachers they can afford, your child will get all the basic academic courses, such as math and science, as well as courses that wouldn’t be taught by schools, like how to start a business before reaching college years.

Right now, you might be worrying about your children falling behind. With this course, all the lessons are video based, so if you have something that interrupts your schedule, your kids can watch them whenever. And because there are no text books, you have the freedom to use other courses along side this without worrying about effecting your RPC schedule.

What else does this course offer homeschool parents? You won’t have to create lesson plans for each week. The teachers have already assigned books, video lectures, and essay assignments for every lesson.

You also don’t have to worry about your kids finishing at the same time as public school students. You can access the lessons anytime, any day.

You will never have to answer questions about lessons as well. There are forums for every course where students can help one another learn and understand. It is a very safe student community.

You won’t have to worry about your kids reading skills. Classic books are assigned to children in English courses.

You won’t have to worry about students writing well. Most of the courses have a weekly writing assignment about whatever the course is about. The best way to know you have learned a concept well is of you can explain it in your own words. There even a course on writing autobiographies in the high school category.

All you have to do, as a parent, is read the essays your children write every week. It’s that easy.

To sign up for never teaching and still giving your kids a great education, go to:






(This confirms it. They are getting free advertising from me.)


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