I have been reading a lot of Gary North’s FEE articles on the Government, and this time, they were mostly on government and school. Most of what was discussed was about vouchers and tax-funding the schools, and even some instances where schools were teaching kids concepts that go against Free Market Principles. So, regarding this, todays question has asked the following: “Is there a difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidized schools?”

This one might sound tricky to answer at first, but I would say yes. The reason why is very simple actually. You see, when the state pays for education to be maintained, they also have the authority to influence what their money is going towards. When the state funds schools, they have the authority to make sure the school they are funding meets specific requirements that they have set up. If they aren’t fulfilled, they just pull the funding.

Now, with churches, this does not apply the same. Sure they can still send the money and have authority, but they can’t really influence as much there as they could with public schools. As much as they wish they could, the government doesn’t have a say as to how the gospel should be preached, nor would they be able to change what is says either. People would recognize when the message of God has been altered, and they would leave for a church that preaches the real Word. The true Word. The church could still be funded. The government just wouldn’t have the same authority as they would with schools.

So, my final answer is yes, there is indeed a difference between state-funded churches and state-funded schools. From all that I have read, this scenario is no exception that the Government wants two things, money and power, with the greater of the two being power.



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