So, in continuing my read of Walden, I have learned that Henry Thoreau was a strong believer in leaving things the way they are in nature. Basically, he wanted farmers and people who use nature or land to provide for themselves to stop “defiling” Mother Nature, which I don’t entirely agree with. Now it is time for me to address my assignment for this essay. It says: “As a writer of an autobiography about life in the woods, would you spend more pages describing an ant war or loons?

First off, Thoreau himself wrote about these things in one or two of the chapters I read recently. The ant war was just as it sounds: two kinds of ants, red and black, clashed with each other in an attempt to bite the other side to death. The loons, or fish eating birds to clarify, were not as exciting as the former. He simply followed them and tried two catch one or two, but he spent quite a few paragraphs on it.

So now it’s my choice. Which would I write more on? Personally, if I were to write about the two, I would want to describe the ant war more. Why you ask? Well, I find ants more fascinating. Sure birds are nice, but they seem less enticing to me, plus, I would love to see two ant colonies wage a miniature war over territory. Plus, it’s not a very common site to come across, so it would be a more unique event implemented in my autobiography. I will say that I have never seen a loon before, and would like to see one if I got the chance.

So, in conclusion, I would prefer to write more about an ant war than birds. There are, however, many different sites that can be observed in nature, but different people have different opinions about things, so what may be found interesting to one may seen dull to another. I just have a different taste of nature than Thoreau.


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