The Inevitable Outcome

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Creatures With Intelligence

The time has come for me to write another quick essay on science. Recently I have been looking at specific clades of mammals like Monotremes, Marsupials, and Primates. I have enjoyed this section, probably because there are animals involved, but I digress. My assignment today has to do with one specific attribute that these creatures seem to have an advantage in. The question today is: “What does it mean to say a creature is ‘intelligent?'”

Now this has been a highly discussed topic, since scientists are still looking for a creatures with human like intelligence. Let’s start from a very basic standpoint. The dictionary definition of intelligence is: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Even though this applies mostly to humans, there are some creatures that do posses the ability to gain skills. The best example known to man is the Primate Order. These creatures have been known to not only use tools, but to shape them in ways that would help them achieve an instinctive goal. For example, of they wanted to get some insects from an ant hole, they would get a stick and break off any branches that would prevent it from entering the hole. It’s rather impressive for a non-human being.

On Wikipedia, there are other connotations to the word Intelligence that broaden the range of creatures with intelligence. Elephants have self-awareness and occasionally will display emotion toward the dead or dying, so they could be considered intelligent as well. Despite the fact that it is intriguing to find these attributes in animals, no animal can have half the intelligence that can be retained by the human brain.