My Computer Graphics

For the past three months I have been using a 3D program called Blender. It is a 3D modeling/animation program that I have been learning how to use and have enjoyed doing so. Initially, it was to make little animations for games like Minecraft and such, but I have been learning how to use it for more than that. I have learned how to use particle emitters and add different effects to their materials. I learned how to create rounded models, and an example of this is a lightbulb model I used in a still stock photo.


A lot of what I have learned is from online YouTube and Blender tutorials, which have helped me greatly, and there is much more I will do with them. I think that learning how to use this type of program will definitely help me in the future, whether I get a job for this skill, or if I become my own boss.

Escape By Faith

John Thompson, whom I have been reading about lately, lived a very interesting, yet very unpleasant life. I have completed his autobiography, and in the book, the last place I read that he was in was a whaling ship. This is part of the interesting part. Read more

Business Assignment: ad

Topic: write a Craigslist ad for something that someone in your family wants to sell. (Easy Chair)

Looking for a better place to sit and enjoy yourself? Look no further! This easy chair will give you all the comfort and relaxation you need! It’s great for watching the game Sunday afternoon, or catching up on your favorite book! Get your new comfy place now!

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It’s A Satisfaction

Recently I concluded my reading of How To Argue With A Liberal, and I can say that I learned much from it. A lot of what Liberals argue when answered with what is written in this book really shows you what they really think is way different with what they say. Read more