They Want us to Succeed

So, as you may already know from a previous essay, this essay blog was created for the Ron Paul Curriculum, a no textbook course that I will be taking for the remainder of my high school years. This week in my business course, I was asked to do something I really didn’t expect.  Read more

Using Contrast

I recently concluded my reading of Twelve Years a Slave, the autobiography by Solomon Northup, whom I wrote about before. If you’ve read the book, you would understand the heart-wrenching truths held within it’s pages. Read more

No One Else

This week, I have been reading, yet again, another book for my government course called The Freedom Philosophy. This is mostly a compilation of different people’s writings on why liberty has been a forgotten concept. People have been trained to think security is more important than their own human rights, and the only place to get this is, guess who, the government. Now, the assignment given this week regarding this asks: “Is the state the source of human rights?”

There is no question that this is not so. As much as the government wants people to believe this, the answer is still, and will eternally be, no. Want to know why? First, let’s go over what the state was supposed to do from the beginning. The state was originally a for of security, yes, but it was supposed to secure peoples rights. “And among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Remember that D.C.?

The government was never the creator of these rights, they were the defenders of them. Now, they are the eliminators of rights. Little by little, the government has been plucking them from our pockets like thieves, and then indoctrinating people to believe they provide rights. There is only one who has the power over them. That is God. From the very beginning, He was the one who gave us the right to property, right to speech, right to freedom, and the right to creativity. No one else on Earth has the authority to take them away from us.

31 Reasons Why

You may not know this, but the essays I write for this blog are assignments given by the course I take called Ron Paul Curriculum. This is the course I have been taking for my education the past school year. If you search them on Google, an ad will appear that takes you to a landing page with about 30 reasons why you, or your children, should take it.(This Page) But, it doesn’t cover every reason. So, my assignment this week says: “Write at least five student benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum that I missed in the landing page.”

So, let’s start off with #1: Note taking. Students, after taking this course, will be able to identify what good note taking is, and be able to perform it themselves. This is taught by examples given in lessons, or by there being important points that the student mustn’t forget. I myself have become very adept in this aspect and can write them very short, while still giving enough detail.

#2: Writing Ads. Believe it or not, the business course gives all the information on how to start an actual business yourself at home. One of the major aspects I already went through that wasn’t mention on the landing page was writing a good advertisement. This can be extremely beneficial to someone looking for how to promote their products better, and can help differentiate the good ads from the bad ads.

#3: No Common Core! Yes. There’s a math course in this as well, which is entirely common core FREE. This is probably on of the things that made my parents choose RPC for my high school education. Sure your kids could do their math for free on sites like Kahn academy, but what some people don’t know is that Kahn is, in fact, Common Core based. So this is a huge benefit to parents who want to avoid that.


#4 CLEP cram courses. For those of you who don’t know, a CLEP is a College Level Examination Program. This is a standardized test that checks if students have college level knowledge and if passed, students can get college credits without needing to buy college courses. This is a very big advantage for students who can’t afford to pay for the full 4 years of college fees.

And finally #5: Diligence. This one is more opinion based than the rest of them. My opinion to be exact. I think that students become more diligent in their education because this course is entirely voluntary. It’s not required by law, nor do I have to finish by D day. I could choose to not do it whenever. But I don’t. I myself have chosen to keep doing the lessons and take notes and read the books. I feel students can gain that kind of mindset, a do-your-learning-cause-it’s-actually-beneficial type one.

So, in conclusion, I think those are five legitimate reasons that weren’t mentioned on the Ron Paul Curriculum landing page. While this might have sounded like an advertisement for it in itself, they are still good reasons why you or your children should join RPC